Aim to share on my experience and learnings around  day2day decision-making needs in our ever growing multi-choice and information-overloaded world. I have travelled and lived in various parts of the world (Europe, Asia, US, Africa)  and have tried  few things in life and would love to share what i learnt and still learning every day around decision-making and what good deciders do differently. The conclusion that i have come is decision-making skill is very fundamental need for all of us and is going to become more profound in the new multi-variate age. Especially, i will be posting more on investment and money decisions, as they are one of the complex ones in life. In personal life, I am happily married and father of a sweat bubbly little daughter and we were all born in India and currently living in Germany. In parallel juggling my way into startups world while nurturing my philosophical and investment bent.

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