#4 Blockchain & Fund Mgmt., KW 15/10/18

Investments Impacting  and Insightful Events

Big names like Apple cofounder Steve Wozniac, hedge-fund billionaire Steven Cohen and  plastic surgeon/startup investor Kim Byung-gun are all investing and going big in this space! Is the underlying value being felt by the most knowledgeable people?  Interesting times of change.

Traditional players like fidelity are getting in, and coinbase is focussing more on retail. The positioning in this space is starting…

Steve Wozniak Apple cofounder gets into blockchain based VC service

 Steven Cohen goes blockchain

Plastic Surgeon Buys $352 Million Stake in Korean Crypto Exchange

Investment Giant Fidelity Launches Assets Targeting Institutional Investors

Coinbase shutdown large investors index fund

TRON marching into 10s of billions!

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