#3 Blockchain – Asset mgmt, KW 01/10/18

Most Notable News

There is a forward-forward Indicator for crypto now. Crypto market is highly driven by sentiments and market-noise. It is well-known that growth in google trends is a good forward indicator for crypto world. Google is again going to allow crypto ads, which means that more people going to look into this space and thus more interest over time. Metamask among hot wallet/web wallets has the highest appeal among the Ethereum developers and now with support of Ledger hardware wallet, they have taken the game of wallet/custody to the next level. Stellar Dex is going to definitely induce large scale liquidity to the market as many of their different BAAS project will start using this over time.

  1. Google to allow crypto ads again
  2. Metamask support for Ledger wallet
  3. Stellar launches decentralized exchange: zero fees
  4. Swiss-Based Asset Management Firm to Introduce Metals-Backed Cryptocurrency
  5. Extremely Difficult’ Conditions: India’s Zebpay Shutters Crypto Exchange
  6. Opera Partners With Ledger Capital to Explore Blockchain Applications
  7. Jobs in Blockchain is growing big way: believers time to jump in
  8. enterprise security with AI and blockchain

Most Investment-Related Notables

Custodianship is one of the biggest challenges in market, so here’s a refreshing and bold take by bitgo on custody. The MKR 16z debate was most scintillating this week, and here’s the a16 take on that.

  1. Bitgo: 1 trillion dollar Wallet
  2. Purchase of MKR by a16

Most Interesting Insightful Reads

  1. Mass onboarding on Ethereum: a nice model
  2. Stablecoins discussion
  3. Blockchain Privacy

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