Regular Update: 2/2/2018

Cryptomarkets were oversold today. There was a strong pullback and BTC came back to USD 9000 after going below USD 8000 (a crucial mark).  What decisions can we take at this stage?

  1. Don’t leverage in such times, and don’t take emotional decisions.
  2. Keep your cash aside for the next few months – don’t put everything in the  At the same time, don’t take all your money out of the market.
  3. See if companies/tokens that you like are at good price levels, and start accumulating them.
  4. There is a lot of FUD and irrelevant news in market – don’t get swayed by them. Weigh them. For example, the Indian market does not bring so much volume, so if India’s government plans to ban or pseudo-ban cryptos, the corrections should not lead to crisis.
  5. Don’t over-follow or over-idolize anybody in the Make your own judgements.
  6. Fearful times and greedy times provide the best opportunities. Keep learning the market and seek the best opportunities.

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