Deciding where to live

We have been thinking a lot about where to live, as we are expecting our second kid in the coming months and our first child will start going to school next year. We have to decide on a place to live for at least the next 12 to 15 years. For many people making decisions is much easier, either because they have one or two parameters that they are very clear about or because they decide based on what the typical social behaviour or decision would be.

For us, we just happen to have 4 members, and we want each of us to flourish in their own way to the fullest, and we believe our parameters themselves will keep changing over time, as we all are still evolving every single day.

Finally, the main deciding point came down to this: Where do we have more options & future possibilities for each of the family members, as each of us are still developing ourselves and still wondering how big this world is and how abundant everything is? The other way to decide between two places is by proof by contradiction – which of the two is more restrictive, will not be able to provide a safety net in bad times, is purely thought of because of one short term benefit but is likely to hamper larger possibilities for the kids.  We believe we have a solution and are kind of converging on one place – after many many years of being in multiple places – it looks like it is going to be Frankfurt. Interestingly, this was the place that appeared to be restrictive, but now compared to the other places that we have considered, seems to be the one offering the most options! The world is round.

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