Abundance mind vs scarcity mind

One thing I have been thinking about and letting others know as well, is how you as a person lead a life depends quite a lot on how you think about the world and its resources.

If you think everything is available in abundance – love, money, knowledge… then you actually feel at ease and you work on yourself to acquire those things. The pioneering mind thinks in terms of abundance. Here you don’t think about competitors and others like them… it is a great state of mind to be in. You tend to be creative… In leadership, such a mind is very powerful for defining opportunities and working on the person’s own strengths and weaknesses. Abundance thinking leads to inside-out thinking. The world is nice and rosy. A meditative mind normally sees this way.

On the other hand, if you think things are scarce, you develop a kind of competing mind, your mind thinks about others in order to win… But then you have a different kind of mind – it worries about threats and mainly focusses on winning and thinks too much about society and what society thinks about you. It is outside-in thinking. In our world, a lot of things are artificially created to be scarce, so that we all compete. So the question is, do we want to compete all the time? Sometimes competition drives negativity and diseases.

One possible better approach would be to be in the state of bliss. That means thinking that everything is in abundance but having a scarcity mind in terms of real natural resources like our planet, water, trees, etc. – it is a state of nirvana and vasudeiva kutumbum – the world is one family.

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