How to decide better in uncertain periods of life?

There are so many ways of managing uncertainty. I have been thinking through which one is the most effective. The problem is that the effectiveness of the technique is so subjective. So it would not be correct to say use this or that technique – but still I wanted a simple way to capture the decider’s mind. I felt that the best way would be to have just a 3-step process that is common to all scenarios while also managing uncertainty – something short and crisp is easy to follow and implement.

Step 1: Prepare the mind with the right setup

Step 2: Analyse the issue with a scenario-based model

Step 3: Take action which takes you forward in the right way

Step 1: Prepare the mind with the right setup.

  1. a) Observe your breathing for 30 seconds – breathing brings you into the present and takes you away from illusions, imaginations, uncertainties. If you can, practise meditation.
  2. b) Bring your mind’s “whats” over to a positive state by taking yourself back with sweet memories and by looking at sweet things around you
  3. c) Make your mind steady and build a mind of patience (everything happens in its own phase). Immerse yourself in nice songs or motivational things like TED talks.
  4. d) Move your mind from feelings and emotions – especially the emotion of fear – to numbers and analysis. This sets the right chord in your brain.

Step 2: Analyse the issue with a scenario-based model

  1. a) There are only few possibilities of what can happen in your situation. Assign probabilities – the total probability should be 1 (100%).
  2. b) Now look at how you can reduce the probability of the worst cases and take those actions next. Think of the worst-case scenario – what is the maximum that can go wrong? Now just focus on solving that scenario – take the most important step you feel for that.

Step 3: Take actions

  1. a) Focus and just take the actions to reduce the uncertainty based on the Step 2 results. Prioritise the worst-case scenario mitigation as the first thing.
  2. b) Here please focus on only what you can control and not what is not in your control. Don’t waste time predicting.
  3. c) Above all, enjoy the joy of uncertainties and appreciate the co-incidences around you. Enjoy every day of what is currently in your hand – rather than worrying about what is not in your hand. Nice things happen to you, once you let things happen for you. Don’t block the passage with worries and fears.

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