Overwhelming Life – what did i do?

I was facing a situation where I had to do something about too many things in my life. I had been on 16-18 hours a day for almost 2 years, including considerable weekend time. I had been managing it with the DDDD model – but still, at some point I could see that a tactical DDDD model is not enough.

I had to either continue to apply the DDDD model that I mentioned earlier or look at the whole thing and make some strategic choices. So the following is the way I went about strategising the whole choice.

I considered the following important aspects and said to myself, unless all 4 important items are showing green, I probably have to drop or delay those activities.  I am happy to share the four aspects that I used, which might also be applicable to many of you.

  1. Passion level
  2. Effort and time level
  3. Value level (in the case of a business/financial choice, this means returns or revenue)
  4. Uncertainty level (Risk for a business/financial choice)

PEVU (pronounced like “pivot” – which signifies direction)

Option A (PART-TIME CONSULTING): Interestingly, this choice did not suit me on the passion and time and effort level, but it did fit on the value (returns) and uncertainty (risk) levels. Previously I would have accepted that, but now as it failed the tests of the passion and effort level – which I am able to judge better – I have taken it off my list.

Option B (STARTUP): The revenue level is very high (as verified by others) for both the short and long term, and there is outside support too. Risk is reduced, as in the last 8 months, assumptions have been clarified and found to be on a clear track. Effort is shared with the team and partners in place. This is a good start, but it is not yet in the perfect state, where the level is in a good range for all 4 elements.

Option C (LIFELONG PASSION): This has a very high passion level, and I was thinking it had a very high return level, but I was misjudging the effort level. (Any time we are passionate about something, we always misjudge the risk and effort levels.) So now it is clear that high passion is there, so I will continue with this (as it will continue passively) and check that effort and risk are reduced and a clear revenue pattern emerges. The beauty of a high passion level is that you will continue with the activity and automatically become better and better, and if you actively consciously do that, then something great is waiting for you. This option will become centre stage after I complete the other ongoing activity which has fit all the bills.

Previously I was handling A and B and C all in one go: A was taking quite a lot of time, B was in preparation for a full launch and so mentally tiring, and C was also intensifying.  It was too many things to juggle and I was doing only moderately well in all of them and making myself very tired and dragging. Now I am dropping A, and doing B and then C. For now I am just focussing on just B. As I said, focus gives amazing results and speed, and I hope to be speeding now and soon doing the best job on Option C, my LIFELONG PASSION. Going from option A to B to C is a good sequence. B right now has the strong elements of A and strong elements of C and perfectly fits the PEVU (Pivot) bill.

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