Should i decide with mind or heart?

I think the right answer lies in deciding based on your subconscious mind and intuition. I might be wrong, but for me whenever I have taken a decision based on my subconscious mind, I was right. That is why people say, sleep over the problem, as the subconscious mind then answers the question. There are other methods of activating the subconscious mind – like answering 5-whys or following the Da Vinci method. Then if it has to be a choice between mind vs heart, heart is better – trust me, the universe is wired to act right that way :-)! I will write about activating the subconscious mind at will in more detail in the coming days.

I am adding this paragraph two months after writing the post as I felt this is a very important addendum. The mind decides practically, based on your strength, society and what we call local minima. The heart decides based on global maxima without knowing how to take it practically. Let the heart decide and let the mind work on the heart’s decision – you will have bliss and be successful. Don’t let the mind decide and the heart work on it – you will suffer and be a life failure. I wish the best to you – feel the bliss and be successful.

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