overwhelmed | burned out | stressed out

There is so much going on in this world that many of us feel overwhelmed, stressed and burned out. I have been through the same thing and to be honest always needed a good way to win over these feelings. Fortunately I was able to overcome these issues very well.

First thing: meditate. That itself solves most of these issues. But for those of you who are not into meditation or it is not your cup of tea… then you can apply the following, which has also helped me and many others in a big way.

Strategic Step 1: Know/analyse exactly what is absolutely important for you, your well being and your fulfilment. This is of paramount importance. Get very clear on it. If you are not clear with this, then you can never overcome the feelings mentioned above. Once that is clear, only undertake tasks that fit the above.

Strategic Step 2: Anything that does not fit into the above, just say “no”. Like Warren Buffet says, successful people say no 90% of the time.  Say no for almost everything and selectively – very selectively – say yes.  Analyse yourself, do you say no 9 out of 10 times? The reason is very simple: the more yeses you say, the more is on your plate, so unless you practise selectively saying yes, you are going to have a hard time. In business sales, you will hear the term “qualify”. Qualify, qualify, qualify everything before you say yes.

So it is like a funnel: you say no to lot of things (the top of the funnel) and only say yes to very very few things which are absolutely essential (the bottom of the funnel). In the middle of the funnel, you have a few tactical options to manage the task items better.

As the very first option, see if the task can be reduced to something minimal. If there are many more open items, research first, before jumping in. Then see if you are able to delegate it to the right people. Another effective tactic is delaying it – appropriately, paying attention to the calendar. After that, when the task is screaming at you, embrace it and give 100% of your value to the task. Please do each task one by one. Men especially – please make sure you don’t multitask, as most men are bad at multitasking by nature. This understanding itself will reduce your stress many times over. 🙂

When you make the above a ritual in your life and continuously apply it, you are bound to be in control, and you will also let others be in control of their life. 🙂

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